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Re-imagining the match 3 genre

A more challenging and interactive tile matching game with unique features.
Compete for real prizes in the award winning iOS Skillz version

Multiple modes with 100+ levels in these versions: iOS, Android and Steam

No ads, infinite lives and multiplayer support with the Steam version
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Cocos showcased Munchie Match! This game was created with the Cocos game engine, the Game appears at 5:45
Award-Winning Game (Winner of the Indie Ignite Game Developer Competition Season 2 from Skillz)
Once in a while, we get an excellent match-3 game that brings something unique to the table. Bouchard Industries’ “Munchie Match” wowed us with its charming imagery of fast foods and its smooth gameplay. Match, stack, and break all your favorite foods in this fantastic game!

Combo Time Extreme
Classically inspired game with unique features and mechanics. Extreme mode offers intense, heart pounding action.
Get Combo Time Extreme Here: iOS and Android
Puffy Penguin
Float on a ballon, eat ice cream, dodge lightning.. The penguin angels are watching after you, but they can only do so much!
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Bouchard Industries is involved with E-Commerce in Canada:

We want to offer Canadians a place to buy and sell with each other, we need to start trading locally to help our economy
We have multiple goals with
-We advertise your product

-MUCH cheaper fees to sell with us than anyone else

-Offer Canadians products from all around the world at a great price

-Purchase with crypto currencies (Coming Soon)

-Free giveaways for loyal customers (Coming soon)
We also offer software consultation. If you would like to create an application, we can give you a free estimate. We are currently working on a secret project. Once it's completed, you will see it here. Contact us at